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Size and Fitting Guide for Rugs

Rugs bring a space together, add personality and character, and elevate it to a luxurious and cosy environment. But what rug suits your space the best? The answer to this question can be a bit tricky. Because selecting a rug for your space is daunting, especially since it is a long-time investment and there is such a vast range available, with a myriad of colours, patterns, textures and styles to choose from.

We suggest, you start by understanding what mood you want to create? Do you want to make a bold statement with your rug or create a calm and serene vibe? Do you simply want it to anchor your furniture pieces in a harmonious manner? Or you are looking to create various clusters within a space using more than one rug?

And then the question to ask is, have you fallen in love with the rug you want to buy? Whatever its purpose, you should love your rug, it is something you will see and feel every day. And it will transform your space and its mood forever. So, a rug is an emotion. Now you decide what emotion you want to evoke. And what size is ideal for your space, and what material is ideal for your lifestyle?

Living Room A

The rug should hold the seating area together as one unit, as well as be proportional to the space around. Choose a rug that will cover all furniture pieces with some extra space around. Do not choose a small rug for a large space, or place the furniture too much on the periphery where the back legs are right on the edge of the rug.In an open-plan space, create different zones using more than one rug.


Living Room B

In a compact space, it is okay to go for a rug that will have the sofas and chairs sit on it halfway, with the back legs out of it.


Bedroom A

In the bedroom, the rug could cover the entire bed, leaving out the night tables at the back end, so that when you step out, your feet are on the rug.


Bedroom B

Or, the rug could encompass the entire area of the bed and the night tables for a seamless look.



Since the narrow spaces of foyers and corridors are not of standard size, it is better to order for a custom rug.



We custom-make rugs for staircases of various sizes and styles in consultation with architects and designers.


Custom Shapes

With our customer-friendly policy, we take up orders for rugs of all sizes and shapes. Working closely with the customer, we create a template for our weavers to work on.