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Rug Care And Cleaning


* Clean any spills, including water, immediately by blotting with a clean, dry sponge or cloth to prevent them from getting embedded in the fibre. Do not rub.

* If you are using any cleaning agent, make sure to remove all traces of it by blotting them out with a fresh dry piece of cloth.


Periodical vacuuming, using suction or dry extraction, is great for keeping your rugs clean at all times. It removes surface dirt which could get trapped in the fibres, and cause discoloration and staining over time.

For vacuuming, use a cleaner without a beater bar, or the one where you can set the bar to the highest pile setting.

Do not let the rugs soak up water. Also, do not usesteam or hot water to clean. Both can cause the rugs to shrink or be damaged.

Do not air rugs in direct sun light, it can lead to fading of the colours.
For professional cleaning of rugs, take help of credible rug cleaners / experts.